Monkey Hill 'cross, Oct 2000

Mark McCormack, men's winner
The dynamic duo, Tim and Mark
Tim Johnson, yow! Lactic acid loading
Tobias Nestle (any relation to the chocolate people?)
Jens Reuker
Jonathan Sundt
Joe Alachoyan trying the 24" hurdle approach
Mike Yozell, breathing 'right' to a great finish
No stopping for Ann Grande
Still none
Carmen Richardson, driven
Carmen Richardson
Katie Compton
Jenn Dial... kind of like the duPont TT on Monkey Hill
Kathryn Kothe
Masters- the only thing that kept up to Chris D'Alusio was his own shadow
Anthony & Anthony, 1,2 in the juniors--Josh (1st)
Jesse (2nd)
B-race, winner Sean Groom
Justin Thompson genes: his father
and his little brother, Joey
(Justin, recover well and fast)
The run-up
Adam Myerson
Top runner, Ian Fraser, vs. Mark McCormack-- looks to be close for the finish (Mark is the background fuzzy blob)
What's this? A stopped Mark looking for an excuse...
O'kay, we'll accept the 'planted' flag line

Is this not the Tour duPont?