UNIVEST Grand Prix- Souderton/Doylestown (PA), 08-09 September 2007

The peloton slices through Green Lane Park's Scottish Festival.

Road Race- Saturday.
The peloton cuts through the former sunflower fields.
Returning from the open road to the closing circuits, the lead group had whittled down to Parra, Gaimon, Duggan, and Frischkorn.
With the help of his team-mate Tim Duggan, Will Frischkorn broke solo...
... for the victory.
Ryan Roth stealthfully worked his way back to finish second.
Doylestown Criterium- Sunday.
The early laps of the crit.
Jesse Anthony added more than just Kodak color,
with a few laps remaining, went on the attack (only to flat with less than two to go).
Kelly Benefit Strategies went to the front to pull in the Anthony attack.
Mattia Gavazzi takes a thrilling victory!
More to come... (as I always say).