Fitchburg Longsjo (MA), to 01 July 2007

Another brilliant day in Fitchburg.

Jacob Rytlewski, overall winner for the men.
Genevieve Gauthier, overall winner (and mountain winner) for the women.
Russell Langley wears the leader's jersey for taking the TT.
Anna Milkowski does the same for the women.
Alejandro Borrajo takes the circuit race for the men.
Debony Diehl takes that race for the women.
Jonathan Page in the lead on the mountain...
...for the win.
Mengoni's Amaurys Perez takes the crit... ooh, a tight one for second.
Susannah Pratt throws her bike for the crit win.
Cameron Evans, second on GC, first on sprint points.
Circuit race, and it is still a brilliant day.
Road race, uphill by a New England church.
That same church.
The infamous day lillies at Princeton center.
The start of the men's crit.
Aerial perspective.
With a rotation and lift of the fisheye.
The crit.