Cyclo-Cross Nationals (RI); 16,17DEC2006

Katie Compton and Ryan Trebon dominated their elite classes.

Ryan Trebon.
Ryan Trebon airborne on the uphill.
Ryan Trebon.
Ryan with the win.
The men's podium.
Jonathan Page, race incapacited for the season so far, finishes second...
in a sprint with Tim Johnson.
Jonathan Page.
Tim Johnson.
Tim Johnson
Todd Wells, fourth.
Todd Wells.
Jeremy Powers, fifth.
Jeremy Powers.
Katie Compton.
Katie Compton.
Katie Compton.
Katie with the win.
The women's podium.
Georgia Gould would finish second.
Kerry Barnholt, third.
Deidre Winfield, fourth.
Always great to see the Queen of 'Cross, Ann Knapp.
Rhonda Mazza, sixth.
Jesse Anthony will take the Espoir title.
Jesse Anthony and Jamey Driscoll lead in the early 'going'.
Jesse with the emotional win.
Morgan Schmitt, second.
Bjorn Selander, third.
Jamey Driscoll, fourth.
Chance Noble, fifth.
Danny Summerhill with his second consecutive Junior title.
Danny Summerhill and Ethan Gilmour in the early laps.
Danny Summerhill.
Ethan Gilmour.
Ethan Gilmour.
Taylor Phinney
Nick Bax.
Nick Keough.
Jamey Driscoll will take Collegiates.
Jamey with that win.
Joey Thompson (2nd) leading Troy Wells.
Joey Thompson.
Troy Wells.
Amy Dombroski will win the Women U23s.
Amy Dombroski.
Arielle Filiberti, second.
Arielle Filliberti.