USGP of CX #2, Gloucester, MA;08OCT2006

The USGP race #2 again came down to a duel between Ryan Trebon and Tim Johnson.

Ryan Trebon will prevail with his third straight win in Gloucester, Massachusetts.
Tim Johnson leading Ryan in the early 'going'.
Ryan Trebon.
Tim Johnson on the chase, after the fall.
Georgia Gould outsprinted Lyne Bessette to win their duel.
Georgia Gould.
Lyne Bessette.
Former U.S. National Junior Champion Jamey Driscoll took top Espoir, and the Espoir leader's jersey (with the assistance of an unusually very off day from Jesse Anthony).
Jesse Anthony in the leader's jersey.
Lap une.
Tail end of lap uno.
Does Chris Horner ever really suffer?
Junior winner, Jim Lennon.
Reigning Junior National Champion, Danny Summerhill, 3rd.
Sean Worsech took second in the juniors.
Richard Feldman winning the Masters'.
Richard Feldman.
The Pilgrims should have landed on this Gloucester rock, rather than the Plymouth pebble.
Anxious moments await the start of the kid's race.
The future of the sport.
I see another Anthony in the works; HEY, what's with this 'baseball' shirt?!