USGP of CX #1, Gloucester, MA;07OCT2006

The course's only set of hurdles was preceded with a funky whoop-dee-doo.

The men's race came down to a contest with Tim Johnson and Ryan Trebon.
Ryan will eventually take the win.
Ryan Trebon.
Tim Johnson.
Tim Johnson.
Tim Johnson.
Men's podium.
Lyne Bessette went to the front of the women's race and never looked back.
Lyne Bessette.
What rhymes with Lyne?
Georgia Gould will take second.
Jesse Anthony looked strong for the Espoir win.
Mark McCormack.
The dust mingled heavily amongst the riders of all categories.
Alex Coelho, convincing junior winner.
Jim Lennon, juniors.
Richard Aspholm winning the Masters' race.
Roger with intent.
Dale Knapp in his National Championships jersey.
Barry Wicks finished third for the men.
Adam Craig, fourth.
Island color, a Hatian rider.
The women's start.
Katerina Nash finished third for the women.
Wendy Simms, fourth.