UNIVEST Grand Prix- Souderton/Doylestown (PA), 09-10 September 2006

Shawn Milne ends his stellar season with yet another win!

Road Race- Saturday.
Shawn Milne with that extended victory 'salute'.
Shawn Milne leads Fausto Marcelino Muņoz.
The Scottish Irish Festival's pipers played for the passing peloton in Green Lane Park.
A robust crowd turned out to witness the final laps of the road race.
Jamey Driscoll eyeballs the freeloaders (just kidding).
Mike Friedman took the points jersey, and was one of the most visible riders.
Mike Friedman and Matt Cooke eyeball the scene in the front packet of riders.
Fausto Muņoz took second.
Sean Sullivan third.
Sean Sullivan.
The road race's final podium.
Vasili Davidenko's retirement salute. Thanks for your career, and to you, the best of good fortune.
Doylestown Criterium- Sunday.
Germany's Christian Lademann will pull off the Doylestown Crit victory.
Christian Lademann leading the break of four.
Mark McCormack would take second in the sprint.
Last year's crit winner, Mike Friedman made the break.
The mostly Mexican team, Tecos, was top team for the weekend.
The moving peloton.
The peloton.
It was good to see Floyd Landis. You can win that next 'hill'!
More to come... (as I always say).