NECCS#6, W. E. Stedman Grand Prix, S. Kingstown, RI, 09DEC2006.

Matt White, gunning to get the leader's jersey back, takes the hole shot.

Tim Johnson will take another New England Series race.
Tim Johnson.
Jeremy Powers with a brilliant second.
Todd Wells third.
Matt White collects a few points back toward the New England Series jersey...
by finishing one place up on Mark McCormack.
Lyne Bessette continues her dominance in the New England 'cross scene.
Deidre Winfield with second.
Rhonda Mazza third.
Mo Bruno-Roy fourth.
The honorable Mr. W.E.Stedman.
The lead pack of Juniors.
Luke Keough with the Junior win.
Richard Feldman, Masters' winner.
Tough to conquer the solar flare, Richard's win.