NECCS#5, Bay State 'cross: Sterling, MA, 25NOV2006.

What race...?

Men's race, lap one.
The men's race came down to a dual (trual?) of three...
Eventual winner, Tim Johnson...
Tim with a display of that eventuality...
Tim Johnson.
Mark McCormack (I wish your father well, and then some) second...
and Jeremy Powers to round out the podium.
The three leaders.
Jesse Anthony, top espoir.
Lyne Bessette was again dominant on the women's race.
Lyne with the wyne.
Rebecca Wellons, second.
Maureen Bruno-Roy, third.
Amy Wallace, fourth.
Mackenzie Dickey still maintains the series lead.
Johs Huseby into the sun.
Matt White, Super Fly.
Adam Myerson, Power Fly.
Working on more.