Commerce Bank/ Philadelphia International Championships, 11June2006.

Good day for a picnic with iced tea and a lemon, on Lemon Hill.

Greg Henderson (far right) eeking out a victory by a hair on a balding tire!
Greg and mates doing strategic time.
Greg with wise words of winning.
The men's podium.
The break that stayed away for hours; Target Training's Dustin MacBurnie took KOM honors.
Reigning World Champion, Regina Schleicher, showing why she wears that rainbow jersey.
The infamous Obrien's, known for their refreshing watering hole on the hottest of days those last 22 years, are moving their bodies to the warmer climates of Alabama... no need to fret, another O'brien family member has bought the house!
The start.
Two seconds later.
Two miles in.
153 miles to go.
The women on the lower section of Manyunk.
The men on that equivelent section.
From the second floor roof of the O'brien house.
NERAC leading the field.
The second to last lap up Manyunk for the men.
Toyota United out front.
Massachusett's own, no..., Quebec's own Tim Johnson.
Reigning U.S. Pro Champion, Chris Wherry.
Former World Road Champion, Igor Astarloa.
Ina Teutenburg earned top woman for the Triple Crown Series.