Newton's Revenge, Mount Washington (NH), 08 July 2006

Joe Carpisassi won the inaugural Newton's Revenge, under ideal weather conditions.

Joe Carpisassi at a lower level.
Joe Carpisassi.
Joe Carpisassi.
Joe on the lonely road up.
In sight of the clock.
Women's winner, Marti Shea.
Marti Shea.
The final stretch.
What are friends for?
A layered view.
Mark McMaster not clouded in.
A good day for a cog RR ride!
A bit o' preventive 'moisturizing' and/ or a bit o' filler can mask those weathered cracks.
Second place finisher, 16 y.o. Paul Runyon.
Paul with a very early lead.
Third place finisher JP Robb.
Fourth place finisher Matthew Plum.
More to come.