Fitchburg Longsjo (MA), to 02 July 2006

A portion of downtown Fitchburg.

Shawn Milne would take the circuit race...
and the mountain race, to distance himself for the overall win.
Shawn scoping the back 40 on his circuit getaway.
Shawn in the leader's jersey (crit).
Sarah Ulmer would consume the circuit race, mountain race, and the criterium for a dominant win.
Sarah on the crit.
Sarah short of lapping the field.
Overall Victory.
Dan Schmatz taking the crit.
Still in the mode of 'taking it'.'re a lap too early...
Brian Sheedy, after winning the TT, wore the leader's jersey through the mountain stage.
Jesse Anthony in flying Kodak colors.
The start of the crit.
That same section of the shown above portion of Fitchburg.
A string of riders in the circuit race.
Passing the start/finish area of the circuit course.
Going for points? Circuit race.
Day lillies on the mountain stage.
Priority Health sets the pace; mountain stage.
Passing Princeton Center; mountain stage.
Navigators working the front to preserve Shawn Milne's lead; crit.
Navigators working the front to preserve Shawn Milne's lead; crit.
Jonathan Page marking a Navigator; circuit race.
Davide Frattini covering the front; crit.
Richard Fries looking for prime money to put his shirt back on.
CCB/VW covering for their points man; crit.
CCB lining up that green jersey to hurl him forth; crit.
That eventual points man, Richard Geng (at the circuit race).
Sarah Uhl would take the points jersey for the women.
Tina Pic at the crit.
Peloton at the circuit race.
Kerry Litka painting Fitchburg pink.
Junior crit winner, Alex Howes.
GC winner for the Juniors, Nick Bax.
Working on more.