VERGE NE Series Race #3. Chainbiter 8.0, Farmington, CT; 04NOV2006

Davide Frattini will take the men's race.
Davide Frattini before the slip off the front.
Davide with the win.
Mackenzie Dickey powered early to split the field.
Luca Damiani.
Mark McCormack would take the New England Series jersey with his second place finish.
Matt White will round out the podium.
Jonny Sundt.
Amy Wallace.
Rebecca Wellons will round out the women's podium.
Here's how one could get up close and personal to Henry Jurenka....warning*** image size may bog down the download channels, and the visual shock may be much!
If you encounter Henry, ask not only about his many kilometers of cycling footage, but about his recent barrels full of action-packed mega-tera-kilobytes of cycling data.

Amy Wallace (R) and Mackenzie Dickey battle out a close Women's race; Mackenzie would take 'it'.