NECCS#7(final), Caster's Grand Prix, Warwick, RI, 10DEC2006.

Enough said.

First lap of the men's race, on the sandy slopes.
Tim Johnson.
Tristan Schouten with a nice race for second.
Mark McCormack with third to clinch the New England Series title for what seems like the 100th time.
Jesse Anthony with the Espoir win.
Toby Marzot with the overall New England Espoir title.
Lyne Bessette with a blistering women's win just after racing the 'B' men's race.
Deidre Winfield, second for the women.
Deidre Winfield.
Rhonda Mazza for third.
Mo Bruno-Roy for fourth.
Christine Vardaros back from Belgium for fifth.
Nick Keough, Junior winner of the day.
Luke Keough, overall series winner, Juniors.
Mike Yozell, Masters winner of the day.
Jonny Bold, overall Masters' series winner.