Wachovia USPro Championships, Liberty Classic

05 June 2005

On the first small lap of the race.
Logan's Circle.
The women beginning their first ascension of Manyunk.
The men a little after 9:30 a.m.
Obrien's watering hole early in the race.
The men emerging from Logan's Circle.
Lemon Hill.
Race leaders up Manyunk.
The men on the lower end of Manyunk.
On the lower end of the course.
McGuire setting the pace up Manyunk.
Bobby Julich inking up a young fan.
Chris Wherry with his momentous final break from Danny Pate and Chris Horner.
A merry Chris Wherry in victory.
An all-American men's podium.
Chris donning the well deserved stars-and-stripes.
Chris Wherry.
Chris Wherry.
The women winding it up for the finish.
Ina Teutenberg pipping Regina Scheicher at the line.
Ina's arm climbing for the victory signature.
The women's podium.
Ina Teutenberg at Manyunk.
QOM, Christine Thorburn.
Reigning World Champion, Judith Arndt.
It is good to see Sarah Uhl out there...
Oenone Wood.
Danny Pate, Sprint's Champion.
(Looks like) the Master of the Mountain, Adam Livingston.
Former winner of the race, Henk Vogels.
The ever-aggressive Chris Horner.
Former USPro Champion Mark McCormack.
Another champion of the week past, Gord Fraser.
One of the race favorites, Bobby Julich (being marked by Fred Rodriguez).
More to come.

The beginning of another hot race in Philadelphia.