NECCS#4, Gear Works 'Cross: Sterling, MA, 26NOV2005

The most fearless group, the young'ns frollicked most heartily amidst the snow and ice.

Recoup and prosper Diane Fortini!
Tim Johnson, winner.
Mark McCormack kept Tim Johnson in his sights... only if it weren't 100% snow...
Jesse Anthony, third, and first espoir, can never look bad.
Using the 'B' race as 'warm-up', and a means to not have to wear a series leader's jersey, Lyne Bessette and her Canadian Championship jersey led the race at times.
Lyne at the start of the Women's race.
Maureen Bruno-Roy took second for the women.
Mackenzie Dickey with third.
Masters winner, once again, Jonny Bold.
Junior winner, Jerome Townsend.
'B' winner, (Longhorn) Christopher Case.
A taylor made ride (5th) for Noah (Taylor).
Michael Cody for 6th.
Move over Henry Jurenka, Joe Anthony does more than just video.
If you see Henry, feel free to ask him about the 430,000 hours of cycling video he has. I think he was doing his same recording magic when rims evolved into wood.
Working on more.