Mount Washington (NH), 20 August 2005

Welcome back Tyler!

Despite 30 to 40 mph sustained winds, Tyler Hamilton blows through the forces to take the commanding victory.
Even after being blown off the bike, and having to go significantly back downhill to remount, Aimee Vasse still easily takes the women's win.
Tyler Hamilton.
Tyler Hamilton.
Tyler Hamilton approaches the line.
Tyler Hamilton.
Tyler Hamilton.
With a forehead number stamping the number of years doing his 'thing' on Earth, Ned Overend spends his birthday absolutely obliterating the 50+...and 40+ age group time records.
Ned in the final 'sprint'.
Anthony Colby's first time up the mountain netted him a second place.
Phil Wong was not going to give up the podium spot to the 'old' guy ('50' of Ned Overend can be seen through the arm pit of Phil) on the final sprint.
Phil led Anthony and Ned a good chunk of the way up the climb.
Kerry Litka rolled up second for the women.
Jesse Anthony limbering up for the 1400m high hurdle.
Joe, thanks for the lunch.
Jesse Anthony almost at the peak of that hurdle.
Joe, how was the quad notch ride Sunday?
Is that the polka-dotted jersey wearer walking!?
Hmmm, wonder what the gear ratio is on that bike?
No ascent can look to be cruel in photos, but the final wall is just beginning.
Six miles, four hundred thirty two yards, two feet, eight inches...nine inches...ten inches...eleven inches...Six miles, four hundred thiry three inch...two...
I think I see the replacement for the old man in the mountain (not the rider).
The beginning of the morning found sun on the summit; not to last long.
Now the yellow jersey (term loosely used) wearer has found his feet.
Bill Hamilton-the-elder (term loosely used), also cuts through the wind and the slope.
More to come.