NORBA Final, Mt. Snow, VT, 27-28June2005

A dry dusty stroll uphill.

XC Men's winner Geoff Kabush, on the road.
Geoff's climactic win.
Jeremy Horgen-Kobelski would finish second in the NORBA XC series.
Trent Lowe finishing up on one wheel.
New England's (at least what we still say) Alan Obye puts in a fine performance.
Podium for the XC men.
Podium for the NORBA Series.
Nick Ranno doing the XC unique.
Alison Dunlap amidst winning her final NORBA XC race.
...and that win.
Alison at the top in the final NORBA XC race of her career.
Shonny Vanlandingham takes second for the day and first for the series.
Last year's Mt. Snow's XC winner, Willow Koerber aggressively went to the front.
Podium for the XC women.
Podium for the NORBA Series.
Jared Graves smoking all, enroute to the dual slalom win.
Kathy Pruitt taking the dual slalom win for the women.
Duncan Riffle takes the men's downhill.
Bernardita Pizarro with the fastest down for the women.
Kathy Pruitt will take the Women's NORBA Series DH.
Kathy Pruitt.
Adam Craig and Geoff Kabush duke it out in the short track.
...with Adam taking the win.
As with the XC, Geoff Kabush takes the NORBA Series Short Track title.
Shonny Vanlandingham lived up to her plate number on the short track.
Katerina Hanusova takes the NORBA Series ST title.
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