VERGE NE Series Race #1, New Gloucester, ME;15OCT2005

Into the dank damp dark woods.
Mark McCormack blasted his way to an insurmountable lead.
Mark on the podium.
Picking up steam (plus mud), and great to have him back on the 'cross scene, Tim Johnson.
Matt Kraus with a superb podium finish, incognito...
Jesse Anthony, top espoir.
Tyler Johnson battled Jesse Anthony for position mid race.
Peter Wedge.
Mike Cody.
World fast with anything to do with the legs, Lyne Bessette with the 'slick' win, and it is great to have Tim's better half back on the 'cross scene also!
Lyne as smooth as mud.
Mo Bruno-Roy with a strong second.
Anna Milkowski 'mud'dling her way to round off the podium.
Tara Ross rode beyond where others only ventured running.
Pauline Frascone.
Mackenzie Dickey.
Bicycle Alley's Jerome Townsend smoked the Junior's field.
Duncan McGovern , second for the Junior field.
The look of multiple National Champions, Silias Anthony.
Discontinuity to a smooth race.
Jonny Bold is the man to beat in the Masters' field.
Rob Hult with second.
Sam Morse battled Jonny Bold up front for a good chunk of the race.

In the meshing of equipment to keep them out of the rain, I must have hit the manual rewind switch of my day's primary camera, the mechanical FM-2, allowing unwanted multiple film exposures. The story of the day.