Fitchburg Longsjo (MA), to 03 July 2005

A smooth Colavita sendoff gives Jonathan Page the crit and the overall.

Last year's overall winner, Susan Palmer-Komar passes Tina Pic in the TT to take the early race lead, and to then carry the top GC throughout the race.
Susan Palmer-Komar dominates the mountain for the women's win.
A surrounded Susan.
Jonathan Page protected in the confines of Team Coavita/ Sutter Home.
Jonathan Page powering up Mt. Wachusett.
Ben Jacques-Maynes will take the men's TT.
Ryan Blickem, 2nd (TT).
Mark McCormack, 3rd (TT).
Dotsie Cowden, 2nd for the women (TT).
Tina Pic, 3rd (TT).
After a blistering ride on the roads surrounding the TT course, Mary Driscoll cools down.
Juan Jose Haedo takes the circuit race.
Tina Pic would take both the circuit race and the criterium.
Snow Valley's Peter Baker is the first Baker since Darren Baker (with Lance Armstrong) to conquer Mt. Wachusett.
Michael Cody would take and maintain the sprinter's green jersey...
...not without a battle from Adam Myerson.
For the women, Sarah Uhl went nuts over points to earn and maintain the green jersey.
Dominique Perras would take the leader's jersey from the mountain through the criterium.
A ladder's view of the peloton and a vintage New England home.
Princeton Center.
Princeton Center.
Let's just hang out in Princeton Center.
Kodak was the only men's team to adorn the leader's jersey racing...
Kodak covered the front for Ben Jacques-Maynes during the circuit race,
but Colavita and Fiordifrutta seemed to work the front in the crit.
Ladder's eye view in the crit.
Upper end of the crit.
A boatload of riders (circuit race).
Heading to the light (circuit race).
A Giant conquers Mt. Wachusett.
The juniors saw TT winner Spencer Beamer take the crit to complete the GC Hotttubes' podium.
Spencer Beamer.
Overall Junior winner, Nick Frey.
Nick Frey enroute to his mountain win.
The men's circuit race (day 2) saw an extended break of three riders:
Mike Dietrich, major points gatherer.
Juan Jose Haedo, eventual winner.
Snow Valley's Russ Langley.
The gallery of Kodak Gallery/ Sierra Nevada controlled the field.
With one lap (3.1mi) to go, announcer Richard Fries provides a bit of vocal energy to the break.
With that one to go, Jonathan Page begins his split from the field...
...and the marked Mark McCormack scouts the race leader, Ben Jacques-Maynes as he takes off.
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