Chainbiter 7.0; Farmington, CT; 12NOV2005

It's a family affair again, Johnson-Bessette take top honors.

The dual finally came down to a sprint between Tim Johnson and Todd Wells.
The sprinting prowess of Tim and Todd surfaces.
Todd Wells came within a smidgen of winning his season's first 'cross race.
Jesse Anthony completed the podium with a stellar third.
Matt White pulled and strung the riders out.
Mark McCormack's eternal NE Series Leader's jersey was (temporarily?) passed to Tim Johnson.
Lyne Bessette, kilometers ahead.
Rhonda Mazza in No-Woman's land for second.
Rhonda Mazza early on.
Maureen Bruno Roy rounds out the women's podium.
Junior winner Ethan Gilmour.
Jerome Townsend, the close second.
Rob Hult with the tightly contested Masters' win...
...with Jonny Bold.
With genetically endearing 'cross genes from mother Jan, Tanner-the-Younger helps his dad, Doug, cross the sand pit.
Former Polish elite, and U.S. elite National champion, Jan Wiejak.