Tour of Connecticut, 20-22May2005

Speed in New Haven, stage 1.
Vasili Davidenko with the modest number 1, indicating victory (I assume his intent).
Colavita was all over CT.
Many former and reigning National 'cross champions raced...
...and Mark McCormack took the overall, down the road.
A chunk of the peloton in New Haven.
With a couple New Haven laps to the finish, the Navigators were honing the front.
Chris Baldwin was ever-present at the front of the peloton.
The Navigators dominated the front of the peloton...
...and picked up a bit o' media coverage...
...all to provide Vasili Davidenko with his second victory.
The foot hill of the first Waterbury climb.
Waterbury downtown.
Cutting downhill with no aero-molecular impact.
The peloton mustering the Waterbury uphill.
A Kodak moment.
TIAA CREF's Tim Duggan accumulated mountain points in his Waterbury break; Todd Wells (semi-draftee in this image) bridged to the lead in the latter part of the race.
Former Elite 'cross champion Tim Johnson put himself in the mix.
In Waterbury, with two laps to go, Mark McCormack went on a rampage to further split the field.
Though Vasili Davidenko was marked, he took Waterbury.
Mark McCormack in victory (Torrington).
Todd Wells with Mark in their explosive finale.
Bryan Smith accumulated reigning polka dotted points in his (about) thousand mile venture of the front.
Many fine old houses existed in the CT countryside.
Connecticut has its share of farms.
The final podium.
I need to get more in!

Former elite National Cyclo-Cross champions Mark McCormack and Todd Wells tore up the field in Torrington with Mark taking a brilliant victory and the overall, and wild man Todd second on GC.