2004 'cross Worlds; Pont-Chateau, FR (31JAN-01FEB2004)

First Lap

Bart Wellens. World Champion
Bart Wellens
Bart Wellens and Mario DeClercq down to the sprint finish.
Mario DeClercq peering back at Bart Wellens.
On the first lap, eventual World Champion Laurence Leboucher (FR) patiently scrutinizes the race flow.
In full control, Maryline Salvetat (FR) waited for Laurence to gap before attacking Hanka Kupfernagel.
Hanka Kupfernagel (GER) couldn't muster the tactics of the French women.
Former Junior World Champion, and now Espoir World Champion, Kevin Pauwels.
Junior World Champion, Niels Albert.
U.S. Riders
Jamey Driscoll- best placed male rider of the weekend, 22nd.
Konrad Lebas
Tucker Thomas
Adam Switters
Andy Brooks
Jeremy Powers, Jeremy Powers
Jesse Anthony
Matt White
Alan Obye
Michael Cody
Four of the U.S. riders are together in this image.
Outstanding ride by Ann (Grande) Knapp for fourth place.
Alison Dunlap for fifth.
Gina Hall dragging a crowd.
Rachel Lloyd
Carmen D'Aluisio
Elite Men
Jonathan Page
Andy Jacques-Maynes (... don't do it... the engineering can wait!)
Jackson Stewart
The start of the Espoirs' race.
An elite rider finishes as the crowd drifts toward the podium (toward moi).
Bart Wellens displaying a little emotion.
Elite podium.
Super Mario DeClercq.
Sven van Thourenhout with a fabulous third.
Daniele Pontoni provided the Italian mix to the Belgian topping.
Ben Berden managed fifth.
A little (real) B&W, Nantes' castle with the fish-eye...
The castle again.
The Cathedral.
Like I say, and not always do, 'more to come'.