2004 U.S. 'cross Nationals; Portland, OR (10DEC-12DEC2004)

The Elite race; Jonathan Page (inset) would take his third straight title.

Jonathan Page, the legend.
Mike Bernard giving Jonathan Page the 'Yee-hah!'.
Rockin' Emma; the Victory.
Emma rocks!
Jonathan Page.
Jonathan Page.
Are only the wild and crazy caged?
JP leading Ryan Trebon.
Katie Compton giving a great number of 'cross fans and riders the surprise by dominating the women's race..
New blood in the women's field, Katie Compton, U.S. National Champion.
Eternal 'cross champion, Jesse Anthony, takes another Espoir's title.
Jesse Anthony on the move.
Like his father before him, Bjorn Selander is a (junior) champion.
Bjorn displaying an explosive victory.
Ryan Trebon made the elite race brilliantly exciting, catching Jonathan Page midway through the race.
Ryan Trebon.
Todd Wells would ride his own race for third spot amongst the elite... let's blame Troy(?).
Marc Gullickson pulled a podium appearance in his last elite 'cross race (that we know of).
Ann Knapp would never catch the flying Katie Compton.
Gina Hall teetered between second and third throughout the race.
Jeremy Powers (Espoirs' 2nd) fought an unfavorable 'running' course to absolutely distance himself from the rest of the field.
Mary McConneloug looking good in the mud bath.
Former World Team member, Christine Vardaros.
Single Speed 'cross Champion, Matthew Pacocha.
Spontaneous Single Speed Silver medallist, Jamey Driscoll.
Now, in no particular order...
'B' winner Weston Schempf.
Second place in the 'B's, ECV's Marc Bavineau.
The proper way to 'cross carry a unicycle.
Collegiate Men's winner, Matt Shriver.
M30-34 winner, former Worlds Team rider Justin Robinson.
Justin with the win.
Second went to former Worlds Team rider Johs Huseby.
F30-34 title went to Sarah Kerlin.
Second... to Maureen Bruno Roy.
F35-39 win went to Margell Abel. (I need a confirmation on the image...anyone s'il vous plait?)
Second to Megan Clark.
M35-39 went to Masters' World Champion, Richard Feldman.
Second to Mike Yozell (nice race Mike, and congrats on getting married).
M40-44 went to Mark Noble.
Mark with the win.
Second to Gunnar Shogren (thanks for Bridgeton's finest pastries).
Stephanie White took her second straight national title (F15-18).
M15-16 went to Alex Coelho (on the sprint).
Second to Daniel Summerhill.