NECCS#6, Gear Works 'Cross: Sterling, MA, 27NOV2004

Todd Wells, dominant throughout the race.
Todd showing a little GT,
and a little victory.
Mark McCormack flew to second, maintaining his NE Series lead.
Troy Wells leading everyone in the early going.
Podium'd for third overall, Troy was top espoir.
Espoir NE Series leader Matt White momentarily leads Jesse Anthony late in the race.
Mary McConneloug smoked the women's field...
... to victory.
Tactfully, Toby Marzot took victory over Will Dugan.
Greg Ferguson battled Jonny Bold to victory.
A Bold-Ferguson see-saw existed for the latter part of the masters' race.
Fergie, thanks for the coffee beans!
Even in cow country, no one finds calves this big... Logan Hodson takes the 'B' win.
Mike Magur 'B' second this run-around.
Some ride the run-up, while others opt to run the ride-up.
Anna Milkowski worked her way up to second place.
Maureen Bruno-Roy completed the podium.
Celeste Drumm with fourth.
Rebecca Wellons making great 'cross strides (and has great eyes).
Chris Long took the Masters' 45+.
Tyler Johnson (with Troy Wells) battled for third position until a spill at the hurdles on the final lap extinguished that opportunity.
Jesse Anthony took second espoir.
Jamey Driscoll.
Ben Turner.
Will Dugan aggressively rode at the front in the Junior's race.

Evident from this image, Troy Wells rode the hurdles, Tyler Johnson ran them.