NECCS#7, W.E.Stedman Grand Prix: South Kingston, RI, 04DEC2004

Start of the men's race.
Mark McCormack could let the espoirs provide the aggression.
A Jesse Anthony win and Matt White third place finish would provide Jesse Anthony the series title.
An espoir win for Jeremy Powers would have given the series title to Matt White (A Powers crash near the finish answered that question.)
Jeremy Powers back after a 'cross stint on Belgian soil.
Jeremy Powers.
One of the most photogenic riders, Jesse Anthony.
Matt White donning the espoir series jersey.
A podium performance for Tyler Johnson.
Tyler Johnson (we'll have Johnson & Johnson next year).
Mary McConneloug always provides a bright spot.
Mary McConneloug taking Anna Milkowski along in the early going...
... before smoking them (riders) all.
Mary rackin' up another one.
Maureen Bruno-Roy with second.
Mackenzie Dickey for third.
On the Verge of cracking from hearty chicken/egg philosophical cacklings, a nutzo poultry hurdles 'cross into human domain.
A young'n navigates a spattering of course flags.
Hydration habits are a plus.
Toby Marzot will take the Junior win, and the Junior Series.
Greg Ferguson comes North to take another Masters' win...
...making it look easy.
Jonny Bold will take the Masters' Series.
Ryan Fleming takes the 'B's.
I'll try to get a few more.

Mark McCormack takes the win and his upteenth New England Series title, and Jesse Anthony pulls off the Espoir Series title with this finish.