NECCS#5, Cycle-Smart International'Cross: Northampton, MA, 14NOV2004

Looked like a Trebon get-away stay-away, until a late race crash brought the race back together.

In one of the year's best finishes, Mark McCormack wins his way back into the NE Series lead.
Mark McCormack.
Mark McCormack.
Mary McConneloug having fun well into the lead of her race.
Mary McConneloug.
Adam Craig.
Ryan Trebon.
Todd Wells.
Justin Spinelli.
Second woman, Gretchen Reeves.
Podium again for Anna Milkowski.
Maureen Bruno Roy.
Mackenzie Dickey.
No stopping local favorite junior, Will Dugan...
...for the win.
If you can't get all of some, might as well get some of all; Adam McGrath.
Cubs' Series Leader.
Gunnar Shogren and Mike Yozell roll to a tie for the win.
Gunnar Shogren.
Mike Yozell the day before...
...Gunnar Shogren in his days with Diamondback...
Verge's one and only Mike Magur, winner of the 'Bs', as the day before.
Mike showing the win.
Women's podium.