Mount Washington (NH), 21 August 2004

...not shown: the wind and the rain.

Justin England, men's winner in one of the most tightly contested races.
Women's winner, Aimee Vasse.
Justin England.
Justin England.
Justin England and Phil Wong together, as was the story for this race.
Together again.
Phil Wong on the uphill (as this image does not show).
Phil Wong.
Phil Wong with the finishing 'grind'.
Kerry Litka, second woman, in her first MW climb.
Mouchos congrats to Tyler Hamilton on his Olympic Gold! Oh yes, here's brother Geoff.
A push and a pedal.
Andrew Knight, 3rd.
Josh Dillon, 4th.
Seth Hosmer, 5th.
Jesse Anthony, 6th.
David Thompson, 7th.
Looking through fog coated glasses, Doug Jansen.
The now blonde, Josh Anthony (beware of the larger file size).
John Bayley, 9th.
I hope to add a few more...