NORBA #5, Mt. Snow, VT, 19-20June2004

Ahhh, a wonderful stroll into the field and bush, on a fresh VT day.

Mt. Snow XC's men's winner to be, Liam Killeen.
Liam Killeen with the salute of victory.
Willow Koerber enroute to the women's XC victory.
The modest salute and eyes of Willow Koerber in victory.
Willow Koerber.
Paul Rowney in his last pro Mt. Snow short track race...
...a victory it is.
Alison Sydor, just in from Europe.
Alison Sydor takes the women's short track.
Greg Minnaar takes the downhill for the men.
Kathy Pruitt dominates the women.
Wade Boots with his non-NORBA NBC mtn-x/DS win.
Roland Green takes an unfamiliar second (usually the win).
Adam Craig with his patented Craig wheelie.
Adam on the short track.
Travis Brown.
Seamus McGrath.
Jimena Florit with second.
Jimena Florit.
Jimena tossing teammate Willow (after going 1, 2) with the moves of an experienced wrestler.
Shonny vanLandingham.
Shonny vanLandingham.
Kelli Emmett.
Kiara Bisaro.
Alan Obye.
John Devine.
Sam Schultz.
Sam Schultz on the short track.
Women's winner, NC. Sorry for the censorship... go Sox.
Okay, a couple guys.