VERGE NE Series Race #1, New Gloucester, ME;17OCT2004

If your first name began with Mar* AND your last name began with McCo***, you would have been guraranteed of a win...
Mark McCormack displaying his sponsors' names.
Mark with the dominant win.
Mary McConneloug took the lead early and just plain ole dominated the women's race.
Mary on the uphill.
Mary on the move through the wooded section.
Junior winner, Will Dugan.
Early junior leader (until a mishap of sorts), Morgan McCleod (M* McC***).
Master's winner, Jonny Bold...
... with the sign of the win.
OK, Mike Bernard, 'we'll' slip you in...
'B' winner, Pascal Bussieres.
Flying Wright brother, the Younger.
Flying Wright brother, the Elder.
The run-up.
'Bike Man' amidst the many shades of Autumnal non-green.
A possible sight by a lapped rider.
Mark McCormack.
Mark in the woods.
Jesse Anthony.
Canadian Champion, Peter Wedge.
Quad place, Mike Broderick.
Maureen Bruno.
Sinead Fitzgibbon.
Kathryn Roszko.

Like a red Autmn leaf, Mark McCormack blew through the course.