Highland Park Cyclo-Cross;Crank Bros USGP#6,Highland Park, NJ; 21NOV2004

While Todd Wells rides to the win, Troy Wells appeared to be the only rider to consistently ride the hurdles.

The first ride/run-up.
Todd Wells opted to test his process to peak at Nats.
Todd Wells enroute to his win.
Todd displaying such.
Ryan Trebon pushed to second to secure the series win...
... and an automatic berth on the U.S. Worlds team.
Ryan Trebon running on deficit.
Jesse Anthony takes the top Espoir slot, and the series win.
Jesse wearing the series leader's jersey, and off to Worlds.
Ann Knapp would once again eventually shake Mary and Gina for the win.
Ann enroute.
The overall series goes to Ann.
For the second time over the weekend, Bjorn Selender takes the Junior win.
Bjorn along the way...
Consistent top finishes for Toby Marzot gave him the Junior Series title.
Toby Marzot showing form.
Andy Applegate took the Masters' race.
Andy Applegate.
Rich Maile took the series for the Masters.
Paul Boudreau, I think.
'B' winner Logan Hodson.
Mary McConneloug with her second consecutive second.
Gina Hall rounded out the day's podium.
Barry Wicks rounded out the men's podium.