Michelob Ultra GP,VERGE NE Series #3,ECV2 'cross, Gloucester, MA;31OCT2004

An eventual close battle took place, with Ryan Trebon taking top honors.

Ryan Trebon just in front of Geoff Kabush at the finish.
Ryan Trebon and orange jerseys are befitting to Fall.
Ryan Trebon.
After the fall of Gina Hall, Ann Knapp and Mary McConneloug went one, two.
Ann Knapp.
Gina Hall had a firm lead in the front part of the race.
Last year saw Ryan and Todd fight it out in Gloucester; this year threw Geoff Kabush in the mix.
Todd Wells.
Marc Gullickson once again found himself alone dangling just beyond the leading group of three.
Matt White topped all espoirs...
...and took the GP leading espoir jersey honors.
Mark McCormack still maintains the New England Series leader honors.
Barry Wicks with great form.
Daniele Pontoni barely showed his presence, very unlike his prior racing experience in the U.S.
Mary McConneloug podium'd for second.
Louise Robinson, British National Champion, podium'd for third.
Barbara Howe with fourth.
Sinead Fitzgibbon.
Moi donning the hallowig; photo courtesy of Joe Anthony.
Bjorn Selander would end up taking the Junior's race.
Had to push the scan of the dark slide of Bjorn winning.
Adam McGrath up there in second.
Charlie Marzot working, and working after getting separated from the front group.
Rich Maile would deliver in the Master's race.
Robert Bobrow would take the 45+.
Donning the 45+ New England Series leader's jersey, Chris Long pushes his bike on magic air.