Fitchburg Longsjo (MA), 02-05 July 2004

Another toasty day through Princeton Center.

The men's final GC.
Like a diminutive weed, I get a glimpse of the race.
Again another fast looking crit.
Feed-zone mayhem.
Leading the race in orange, Mark McCormack is protected by his Colavita team mates.
Another not-too-recently built house on the road race course.
Mark McCormack, this years overall men's winner, gets the lay of the land.
Mark McCormack dons the leader's jersey in the criterium.
Susan Palmer-Komar, woman's overall winner, comes from winning the Canadian TT Championships to winning the Longsjo TT.
Not aware that Nathan O'Neill was wearing the non-standard Colavita jersey (but the Australian National TT jersey), I missed his stellar TT (but here he is in the leader's jersey).
Susan Palmer-Komar wore the leader's jersey throughout the race.
Amos, just slip around Frankie...
stay in front of, oh my, Viktor, and...
Viktor Rapinski, last year's overall winner, powerfully wins the John Fitch Circuit Race.
On the woman's side, Genesis dominated the race wins, with Tina Mayolo-Pic and Laura van Gilder taking the other three stages.
Tina Mayolo-Pic took the John Fitch Circuit Race and the Road Race.
Laura van Gilder took the crit.
On the men's side, the Navigators took three of the four stage wins; Mark Walters wins the mountain stage.
Frankie van Haesebroucke takes the crit with Viktor second.
NCC's Michael Cody had a brilliant performance on the mountain.
Kurt Hackler's last Fitchburg appearance.
Michael Creed hokding the fort for U.S. Postal.
Mike Jones making it look like HealthNet is everywhere.
Sarah Uhl keeping the Quark team strategy to her self.
Jonathan Page just missed the podium in two stages (4th in circuit and crit).
Lynn Gaggioli made GC podium being the lone rep for T-Mobile.
RONA was always mingling near the front.
The race was honored by the presence of the Mrs. Art Longsjo (is she looking for a wheel change?).
Susan Palmer-Komar.
Mark McCormack mingling amidst the masses.
The lead break of women in the road race.