NECCS#4, Chainbiter 6.0 (C2): Farmington, CT, 13NOV2004

Mary McConneloug and Marianne Stover in the sandbox, early in the women's race.

It was Ryan Trebon's day once he broke into the lead.
Ryan Trebon.
Ryan's victory position.
Mary McConneloug went off the front early, and just kept going...
Mark McCormack relinquished his New England Series' lead to Trebon by a narrow margin.
Jesse Anthony during warmup; was taken out on a race start pile up.
Jackson Stewart with the clear look of the straight way.
Todd Wells prior to clean up.
Top espoir, Troy Wells.
Top junior, Toby Marzot.
Toby with the win.
With the focus of a fixed lens, the wee ones are unaware of...
...the encroaching looming lapping Charles Marzot, a.k.a.,'Toby'..
Will Dugan leading Toby.
Top masters', the Greg Ferguson.
Like (liquid) mercury, Greg, a.k.a. Fergy, slipped away for the win.
Last December's Junior National Champion, Jamey Driscoll.
Women's 2nd place finisher, Maureen (a.k.a. Mo) Bruno Roy.
3rd, Anna Milkowski (a.k.a. Anna).
Johs Huseby and gang in the pit.
Always near or at the top, Marc Gullickson, a.k.a. 'Gully'.
Zachary Grabowsky, a.k.a. 'Zak'.
A stellar future will be for the young Stephanie White.
Finishing second for the juniors is the multi-talented Morgan MacLeod.
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