XNATS, Portland, Oregon; 12-14DEC2003

Jonathan Page, passing a lapped rider.
Todd Wells was the only rider to stick to JP in the first lap.
Beginning of the second lap, Todd is still hanging in.
Not long after, we had a solo mad man up front!
JP on top of the podium, and maintaining his Geurciotti/Stars&Stripes jersey.
Alison Dunlap, always a National Title when entered.
Next step, Worlds.
Jesse Anthony, straight from the Junior Titles, to the Espoirs' Title.
The climax of a great race.
Jamey Driscoll, dominant junior, as usual.
His win.
Ryan Trebon.
Andy Jacques-Maynes.
Ben Jacques-Maynes.
Dale Knapp.
Mark McCormack.
Ann Grande-Knapp kicking up the drink.
Rachel Lloyd separated the field in the first laps of the race.
A strong third place finish for Gina Hall.
Larssyn Staley, Cass'n and Hot Tube'n to the W15-18 victory.
Marianne Stover demolished her W30-34 field.
Maryann Martinez smoked 'em in the W40-44 field.
Maryann's win.
Stephanie White, winner for the W10-14 group.
Stephanie in her new apparel.
Geoff Proctor.
Thursday's warmup with the Hood backdrop.
Marc Gullickson enroute to the podium.
Barry Wicks, Collegiate Men's Champion.
My guess is M15-16 winner, Tejay Van Garderen.
Karl Kiester M45-49 winner.
Dan Norton, M50+ winner.
Megan Monroe, Collegiate Women's Champion.
Lisa Given, W45-49 winner.
Tucker Thomas, best of the (17-18) Northwest, second, and Worlds bound.
Konrad Lebas (M17,18), assured of second until the mechanical...
One of two 'Single-Speedo' riders.
We'll try for more of the National Champs...

Page 2, second straight National Title for Jonathan Page.