Wachovia USPro and Liberty Classic, 08June2003

Philadelphia, at the start of the race. Inset, Mark McCormack in his Stars-and-Stripes.

The top three for the men's race, (L to R) Julian Dean, Stefano Zanini, Uros Murn.
Mark McCormack, our new USPro Champion.
Mark McCormack.
Mark McCormack.
Lyne Bessette takes the Liberty Classic.
Lyne Bessette on the attack.
KOM master, Trent Klasna.
Top U23 male, Viktor Rapinski.
Had a better view with last year's fish-eye...
The beginning of the Women's race.
Lemon Hill in the early going.
Down by the river.
The beginning of the peloton on the Manyunk.
Philly as the back-drop.
Jonathan Page, congrats on the 'cross contract with Italy's Team Guerciotti!!!
John Lieswyn always looks good.
The heavy favorite for Women's Junior Nats, Larssyn Staley.
Navigating Manyunk.
Saeco had no sleeve to hide an ace in, but the back pocket(?)!
An ace for Saturn, Ivan Dominguez.
Looks like Dede Demet-Barry
Jeff Louder(?).
Women-Snow Valley.
Dorothy Cowden.
Alex Candelario.
Katrina Davis.
Scottie Weiss.
Jessica Phillips- Saturn.
We'll aim for more...