Downeast Cyclo-Cross, New Gloucester, ME;18OCT2003

Marc Gullickson, the man to beat.
Marc Gullickson.
Mark McCormack with the focus...
... of a view akin to this?
Marc Gullickson with the Victory.
Peter Wedge with third.
(Jeremy) Powers' power had the edge to the Wedge (early).
Mary McConneloug, dominant again.
Mary dodging the mud pit.
A champion for all Seasons.
Katrina Davis, strong for second.
Anna Milkowski with third.
Marianne Stover for fourth.
Marianne Stover stretching the boundaries of the course.
Junior winner Jamey Driscoll.
Jamey never saw second, from early in the first lap.
Konrad Lebas semi-negotiating a post.
Morgan MacLeod with the third spot.
Masters' 35 winner, John McKone.
35+ second, Eric Schlauch.
35+ third, John Verheul.
Masters' 45+ winner, Paul Curley.
The man who wears his name on his sleeve.
'B' race winner, triathlete Dominick Gillin.
The start.
Okay, I carried the ladder in; had to get one shot from it...

Mike Broderick heading toward encounters of a strange kind.