Tour of Connecticut, 16-18May2003

The start of night 1 in New Haven...
...and it was fast.
Eric Wohlberg took the leader's jersey.
Looks like Eric...
Ivan Dominguez took the sprinter's jersey.
(Looks like) Chris Baldwin and Eric Wohlberg on the break.
The action...
John Lieswyn.
Jittery Joe, Drew Deters.
Colorado Cyclist.
Glenn Mitchell.
First lap up in Waterbury.
First lap back to the common.
Chris Horner going solo for a huge chunk of the race... take the mountain points jersey.
Danny Pate had most of the action behind him.
Jon Hamblen on the downhill.
Danny Pate dragging the field uphill.
The field having crossed the Housatonic a second time, day 3.
The looming steeple of a town center.
Vassili Davidenko and his second annual Housatonic Valley Classic win.
Glenn Mitchell out on a break for most of the race to secure the final KOM and Sprinter's points.
With the jersey.
Chris Horner on the attack.
Dave Clinger in yellow.
Former winner, Trent Klasna.
Jonathan Vaughters.
Crossing the Housatonic the first time.
Farm country.
Gord Fraser.
Final GC.

David Clinger's day 2 win in Waterbury, and with strong team support through day 3,was able to secure overall victory.