Fitchburg Longsjo (MA), 26-29 June 2003

The Downtown Crit

Henk Vogels, best wishes on a fast recovery.
Men's final podium.
Women's final podium.
The start of the circuit race.
The circuit race.
The men's peloton with Mt. Wachusett in the background.
The road race.
Into Princeton Center.
Out of Princeton Center.
Small break in the crit to catch up to.
No small break in the crit to catch up to.
The crit.
Again the crit.
Youngest winner of the Longsjo since Lance Armstrong, Viktor Rapinski.
Viktor 'flew' on every stage.
Women's winner, Katie Mactier.
Men's winner of the TT, U.S. National Champion, Chris Baldwin.
Women's winner of the TT, Sarah Ulmer.
Sarah Ulmer nipping Katie Mactier for the win at the circuit race.
The race's deciding break at the circuit race, Mike Sayers, Chris Horner, and Viktor Rapinski.
Chris Horner took two stages, the circuit race and the mountain stage road race.
The women at the road race.
Mark McCormack sporting a new helmet.
Mark winning the crit.
Katie Mactier wearing the leader's jersey on the final stage.
Tina Mayolo-Pic, winner of the crit and second on GC.
Heather Albert, points winner and third on GC.
Mike Sayers, third on GC.
John Peters, points winner (from his million mile break on the road race).
John Peters on the gathering of that green.
Jonathan Page with pull after pull, on the circuit race (with Tim Johnson)...
...and the crit (with the final break).
Tour of Ireland's final stage winner, Adam Myerson.
More to come.