Cycle-Smart International, Northampton, MA; 16NOV2003

Clif Bar's Jackson Stewart, Elite Men's winner.
Jackson Stewart.
Clif Bar's Carmen D'Aluisio, Elite Women's winner.
Carmen D'Aluisio.
Clif Bar's Rich Malbe (or Maile), Masters' winner.
Clif Bar's Andy Jacques-Maynes, Saturday's (NJ) elite race winner.
Clif Bar's Gina Hall, 2nd Elite woman.
Not Clif Bar's Jamey Driscoll, Junior winner.
GMBC Invensys' Jamey Driscoll.
Verge's Ben Harper, 'B' winner.
The sands are a pit except when viewed from a CLIF.
The hurdled run-up.
The race evolved into a Todd Wells and Jackson Stewart finale.
Marc Gullickson on one of his aggressive breaks.
Jeremy Powers, again top espoir...
...though not without a battle from Jesse Anthony.
Ronny Poelvoorde, from Belgium to test our sands.
Mary McConneloug, third for the women.
Marianne Stover.
Anna Milkowski with the hole-hill shot.
Sinead Fitzgibbon.
Katrina Davis.
Maureen Bruno (behind (handle) bars).
John Verheul in contention for the win, until the pit hit (last lap).
2nd junior, Geoffrey Johnson.
Jr. Charles Marzot.
Konrad Lebas is now off to Europe.
CLIF duo on the 'cliff' by the CLIF tent (hey! Joe Anthony is there!).

Jackson Stewart topped off a weekend of Clif Bar wins.