Wooden Wheel's Granogue Cyclo-cross, Wilmington, DE; 19Oct2002

Marc Gullickson enroute to a win over the recently returned Tim Johnson.
No one stops Joey Thompson on his birthday.
Chris Long wins and maintains his lead in the Master's Mid-Atlantic Series.
The meal (Krispy Kremes) of the champion Adam Craig.
Gully rode a little taller this race...
... confirmation.
Jonathan Page rode in no-man's land for third.
Jeremiah Bishop.
At least it was not over six hours in the saddle...(Tim Johnson on the prior Sunday).
Lyne Bessette, back from Worlds, and possessing what Tim 'collects'.
Carmen, flawless.
Kathryn Roszko, in no-(wo)man's land for third.
Alicia Genest.
Cori Page.
Slow down Gunnar (Shogren); let those half your age have a chance! Warm-ups with ladder carrying surely help.
Gully and Tim out alone by the 'tower'.
Michael Mueller; good luck at Suisse 'cross Nats.

Carmen D'Aluisio takes the first of her weekend sweep.