First Union USPro and Liberty Classic, 09June2002

Philadelphia, at the start of the race.

Mark Walters with the victory.
Mark Walters with the victory expression.
Mark Walters.
Mark Walters.
Mark Walters.; Mark Walters.
Men's podium.
Chan McRae, our National Champion.
Chan McRae.
Chan McRae on the podium.
A family of champions.
Sorry Petra, your victory was obstructed by the leading Mavic vehicle.
Petra Rossner.
Women's podium.
The long view of one of the starting laps.
Not quite as long.
The graffiti on Lemon Hill
The initial selection.
The final selection.
Jan Koerts (buckled wheel) going down with at least one Mercury rider.
Jan lost in the 'sea' of riders...
...calling for support...
...and given the push.
Lemon Hill.
Manyunk mania.
Kim Anderson, Nicole Reinhart QOM.
Danny Pate.
Michael Barry rollin' in.
Damon Kluck.
Kirk O'Bee.
Kirk O'Bee
Mark McCormack
Frank McCormack
Tim Johnson with the 'in your face' camera (on handlebars).
John Lieswyn.
Mari Holden.
George Hincapie.
George Hincapie.
Fred Rodriguez being pulled up Manyunk his last time.
Judith Arndt.
Liz Begosh.
Looks like Marty Nothstein doing the pull.
NH's, and SAECO's Justin Spinelli
Freddie Fu's Tania Duff-Miller
Laura Ruthven
Manyunk with O'brien's water hole.
Lemon Hill.
Derek Bouchard-Hall (center), thanks, and best wishes on your new future!
Lauren Franges