MRC Sterling (MA) RR, 11 May 2002

Kevin Monahan, and following, in pursuit of the first lap break

The group that stayed away for a good chunk of the race.
That same group.
Yup, again.
Oh, and the interim trailer.
The final break, Jonathan Page, Derek Bouchard-Hall, and in hiding, Jon Hamblen.
But it was Derek Bouchard-Hall who had the legs for the win.
Derek Bouchard-Hall.
Yvonne Ilton took the win for the women.
Again, Verizon's Yvonne Ilton.
Andy Ruiz, Master's winner.
Sterling Center.
The IIIs up for any confrontation.
Doug Ziewacz made up a lot of ground to finish third.
Kevin Monahan
One of New England's reigning National Champions, Lee Evans.
Lee Evans on the move.
Long sleeves.
Hopefully more to come.