Reach the Beach Relay (200 miles); 27,28Sept2002, NH

Leg 1, a bit up before heading down...
...and not a gradual up.
Leg 1 down.
Save a dime, and keep running (past the Mt. Washington Hotel).
Crawford Notch.
Still amidst the White Mountains.
An early race transition.
Into the woods.
Out of the rain, and under cover at Bear Brook to catch a few ZZZs (about 3a.m.).
Early morning transition.
Early morning positive outlook.
Passing a farm...
Whoa, need that 'thing'!
O'kay, I need my into the sun shot, with wires.
I forget the name of the town, with wires.
Pom-Pom on the Go-Go, or was it Go-Go in a Pom-Pom?
Yeah right, fat.
NE church, with wires.
Seeing the ocean.
Still there.
After about 190 miles, looking great!
The notable Karen Smyers... the transition for the final leg.
Team 115 cruisin' into the finish line.
Team 21, ditto..

Another 190 miles, and not all downhill.