NORBA MTB #5, Mt. Snow, VT; 15-18 June 2002

XC- Roland Green
XC- Roland Green
XC- Roland Green
Roland Green with his Short Track win.
XC U.S. National Champion, Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski
Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski
Jimena Florit with the XC win.
Jimena Florit
Jimena Florit
Jimena Florit
Jimena Florit with podium gusto.
XC U.S. National Champion, cast and all, Alison Dunlap.
Adam Craig, Espoir U.S. National XC Champion.
U.S. National XC Champions, podium.
Ryder Hesjedal, XC.
Kirk Molday, last year's U.S. XC Champion.
Marc Gullickson leading themain pack on the first lap.
Brian Smith with a mouth to match the jersey.
Chrissy Redden with her Short Track win.
Todd Wells, U.S. National ST Champion.
Alison Dunlap, U.S. National ST Champion.
Mary McConneloug, Vineyarder, with an awesome year!
DH Men's winner of the day, John Waddell.
DH Women's winner of the day, Tracy Mosely.
DH NORBA Men's winner, John Kirkcaldie.
DH NORBA Women's winner, Sabrina Jonnier.
U.S. Men's DH National Champion, Eric Carter.
U.S. Women's DH National Champion, Lisa Sher.
MTN Cross, Brian Lopes
MTN Cross, Katrina Miller
Sorry, 'gotta' be clean.....repeats of the gals, and one guy... oh well.
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I have oodles of images, and who knows if their time will come.

Roland Green, a'rollin' machine!