The Downeast Cyclo-Cross, Auburn, Maine; 06Oct2002

Marc Gullickson flew ahead of everyone.
Fire in his eyes, and frothing at the mouth...
...leads to a convincing win.
Men's podium.
Second for the honyemoonin' Jonathan Page.
Jonathan Page.
Mark McCormack's first non-first of the season (3rd).
Mark McCormack.
Adam Craig, where is your National Championship jersey?
Women's podium.
Mary McConneloug left the women's field well back beyond her kicked up dust.
Mary, with the last name I keep looking up (and even then 'they' may have 'gotten' it wrong).
Shauna Gilles-Smith, 2nd.
Jodi Groesbeck, 3rd.
Cori (Mrs. Page) Bookin' it like the days of old.
Jesse Anthony demolished the Jrs and masters group...
Jesse Anthony.
Jesse donning the Verge NE leaders jersey.
Conrad Lebas (a junior to watch) has the first lap lead.
Master's winner Sam Morse.
Sam Morse.
Contributors to U.S. 'cross: Adam Myerson,
and Tom Stevens.
'B' winner Matt Hersey.

Verge New England Series Opener