Shaun Thornton Memorial Jiminy Peak RR, 04May2002

The second lap for the Pro,1,2 men.
Going after one of the many Verizon breaks.
Matt Svatek driving to his second consecutive win at Jiminy Peak.
Helen Kelly driving to the finish with meters to go... but the orange of ...
Laura van Gilder powers past for the win.
Verizon marked Laura throughout the race...
Those same 'old' flowers.
Different view through those same 'old' flowers.
That same 'old' church.
Again, different angle of "..".
Randy Rusk M35+ winner.
Paul Cox (leading Blake Booyson) for the 4/5 win.
One of the groups...
Kissena's Nat Faulkner, 2nd in the Pro,1,2.
Oscar Pineda, 3rd.
Oliver Stiler-Cote, still a junior, found at the top.