Housatonic Valley Classic, CT, 19May2001

Anna Millward wins on a breakaway.
Davidenko being marked by Danny Pate and Frank McCormack.
Vassili Davidenko
Anna Millward.
Anna Millward.
The women's field was contested with a large numbers of riders.
The men's field passing through a small town.
Same view as last year, but wider; crossing the Housatonic.
Yanking the RGB curves from a dark slide...
Men's podium.
Vassili passing an autograph to a fan.
Henk Vogels, 2nd spot on the podium.
Henk Vogels quite often only sees action behind him.
John Peters, third spot on the podium.
Mark McCormack brings home the KOM honors.
Frank McCormack was in the front mix (hey, Frank appears in the June issue of Golf Digest magazine--Article)
Amber Neben takes second for the women.
Clara Hughes, from an Olympic Speed Skating medal to a podium finish at the Housatonic.
Women's sprint for 4th, 5th, ...
Mark Walters donning the Canadian National Championship Jersey.
(Looks like) Harm Jansen recouping on therapeutic grass, after a crash (don't misinterpret this!).
Think John Eustice is getting an update on Tyler at the Giro from Phil Liggett? Bob Roll, Frankie Andreau, Paul Sherwen, Greg Lemond, George Hincapie(?) were in the mix checking out the race.
Scottie Weiss
Gord Fraser
John Lieswyn
Eric Wohlberg
Danny Pate
Clara Hughes
Mari Holden and following with two laps to go.
The men's peloton out on the roads.
Chris Horner
Viktar Rapinski
Jonathan Page
Martin Gilbert
Frank Dierking
A Jittery Joe
Trent Klasna
A Schroeder Iron rider.

Vassili Davidenko acknowledges the win in a photo finish.