Fitchburg Longsjo (MA), 27-30 June 2002

Lyne Bessette with a dominant mountain win.
Lyne in the leader's jersey.
Genevieve Jeanson on the TT.
Overall race winner Chris Horner doin' it at the John Fitch Circuit Race.
Chris doin' it at the top of the mountain.
Chris expressin' his overall satisfaction at the conclusion of the four days.
Kim Bruckner barely missed the women's fastest TT time of Lyne Bessette.
Multi-talented Clara Hughes finished 3rd for the event.
The start of the men's race.
Looking up to the Navigator led peleton in the RR.
A fish-tailin' stretch of riders at the crit.
Fashion statement and eventual points champion Jonathan Page.
With the help of the Cannondale-Wheelworks team, Jonathan tallied those points up.
Still, JP had his work cut out for him, seen with Eric Wohlberg, last year's race winner.
The women with Mt. Wachusett as the backdrop.
Mercury leading the field.
Navigators leading the field.
Prime Alliance leading the field.
Speed (crit).
The road race.
Chris Baldwin donning the leader's jersey.
Kim Bruckner aiming to minimize her losses on the climb.
Larssyn Staley
Manon Jutras leading the field.
Danny Pate, second for the men.
U.S. National Crit Champion, Nicole Freedman.
Tina Mayolo-Pic
Manon Jutras
Kim Davidge took the crit over Clara Hughes.
Catherine Marsal and Kim Bruckner.
Ivan Dominguez ended up taking the criterium.
Fueled by Jelly Bellies, Kirk Albers (r) took enough points to take the points jersey after the road race, but partly being team-mate-less, loses the jersey to J. Page on the final day.
In honor of the late Art Longsjo, Ray Wolejko presents the wife of Art Longsjo the #1 jersey.
Kyle Wagner takes the mtn. stage and overall GC (jrs).
Kyle Wagner
Jesse Anthony in the points jersey (jrs).
Jesse Anthony
Brad Viera (jr).
Brad Viera
Zak Grabowski held the fastest TT time well into the Pro category; shown on the crit.
Josh Gerwitz with the circuit race win (jrs).
Oliver Stiler-Cote.
More to come...

A fourth straight Fitchburg Longsjo title for Lyne Bessette.