Benidorm Cyclo-Cross (CT); 24Nov2002

Marc Gullickson enroute to another NE series win.
Marc Gullickson spearheading the lead group within the first lap.
Moments later, Marc stretches the pack further (crash in the lower right).
Mary McConneloug still dominating the NE series.
Mary, hurdlin'.
...and with the win.
Johs Huseby, finished second.
Shaun Snodden (GB/espoir), finished third.
Shaun Snodden.
Mark McCormack made up a lot of ground after a debilitating flat.
Chris Peck, CT (state) champion.
Josh Anthony with an outstanding race.
Matt Svatek.
One of the World's best duathletes, Tyler Johnson.
Jodi Groesbeck with a strong second for the women.
Shauna Gilles-Smith with third.
The 'B' race.
Katrina Davis, Women's CT champion.
Jon Hamblen.
Jesse Anthony with another smoking of the Jr./Master field.
Jesse Anthony.
Mike Bernard emerges as the new Verge NE Series leader...
while Sam Morse looks on.
Matt Kraus demolished the 'B' field.
The one and only Richard Sachs.
The future of women's cycling.
Wells-the-younger, Troy, shall be the surprise of Junior Nats.
John Verheul dismounting for grass.

The Juniors and Masters mixing 'it' up.